How to Politics


The Freedom Alliance was established in response to the assault on personal liberty and freedom resulting from the 2020 corona crisis. We wish to represent the millions of British people who have had their lives, health and livelihoods severely damaged by the government’s response to the epidemic. We also represent the millions more whose lives have not be damaged by the crisis but who realise that the assault on liberty represents a potentially bleak future for our country.

There are many other pressure groups both local and national that have been established with the same aims as ours. Our key difference is that our primary aim is to challenge the establishment narrative through the electoral process.

We aim to stand candidates in future election contests. At the current time (October 2020) our primary focus is local council elections that are scheduled to take place in May 2021. There are also metropolitan mayor and police commissioner elections at the same time. Additionally there may be parliamentary by-elections at any point ( with relatively short notice).

We are very interested in hearing from anyone who shares our beliefs and objectives and who would be interested in standing as a candidate at any of these elections. If you are interested please email [email protected]

We charge a membership fee only because we know that the electoral process will result in us incurring costs. The fees are simply to cover the costs of deposits, printing etc.

We have applied to be registered as a political party with the Electoral Commission and believe that process will be completed by December 2020.