COVID-19 News

Coronavirus Position

The Freedom Alliance was formed in 2020 as a direct response to the British Government’s attack on personal freedom resulting from the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

The UK Government downgraded Covid-19 from High-Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) status on 19th March 2020 – four days before the national “lockdown” commenced. In doing so, the Government acknowledged Covid-19 was similar in severity to a moderate-to-severe seasonal flu.

The Government’s response to the coronavirus crisis has resulted in:

  • Thousands of cancelled operations and medical procedures
  • Thousands of missed cancer diagnoses
  • A catastrophic impact on the mental health of up to 5 million British citizens
  • Government debt exceeding £2 trillion (£2,000,000,000,000) and rising rapidly
  • The closure of many viable small and medium sized businesses
  • The dereliction of many town and city centres as retail activity has been forced online

The health, economic and societal consequences of the coronavirus measures have the potential to cause devastation for decades. The deaths attributable to these measures may exceed the actual coronavirus deaths by an order of magnitude.

The legacy “opposition “ political parties have provided virtually no opposition to the coronavirus measures. Whilst a small number of backbench MPs have opposed the measures, Parliament has been completely ineffective in challenging or restraining the Government’s authoritarian control measures.

We believe that the role of government in relation to health issues is to research, advise, and inform the public in an unbiased manner. It is for individuals, families, and businesses to decide what measures they will implement to contain and reduce health risks.

Governments do not, and should not, have the right to:

  • Issue stay at home or lockdown orders
  • Order the widespread closure of businesses
  • Order the widespread closure of schools
  • Mandate any medical procedures, either directly or indirectly

The Freedom Alliance aims to roll back the power of the State, leaving individuals, families, businesses and local communities free to make their own decisions.