Executive Committee Statement on Leadership Position

Introducing New Freedom Alliance Interim Leader

27 January 2021

Freedom Alliance is delighted to announce the appointment of new interim leader, Carol Dobson.

A stalwart campaigner for Freedom Alliance, and for the principles of personal liberty, Carol is a veterinarian who has worked closely with her local community since 1983, in both Scotland and England.

A Glasgow University graduate, Carol has spent her career working with others to ensure the ethical and humane treatment of animals. 

Carol has been firmly opposed to the current restrictions since their inception, and, as a scientist and clinician, is appalled at the manipulation and misrepresentation of science and data as a basis for justifying a political agenda.

Carol’s family, like most families, has been directly impacted by the restrictions, with her two young adult children being forced to abandon independent lives and return home.

Carol is committed to opposing and ending the current restrictions, and to ensuring the restoration and preservation of a fairer, freer, and more equitable society for all.

A Lanarkshire native, Carol currently lives on a converted dairy farm in Ayrshire with her children, and a variety of rescue animals, including ponies, hens, guinea pigs, and a budgie.

Freedom Alliance is delighted to welcome Carol as leader, and we greatly look forward to our future as a team.  

Resignation of Nigel Utton: Official Statement

13 January 2021

It is with regret that we announce the departure of Freedom Alliance leader, Nigel Utton, who has resigned both from position as leader, and from the party.

We wish Mr. Utton well in his future endeavours.

We are cognizant of the fact that Mr. Utton’s departure has raised some concerns amongst our membership regarding our party aims, and so we wanted to take this opportunity to clarify our position. The Freedom Alliance political party is committed to challenging illegitimate and disproportionate “lockdown” measures at the next elections, and to restoring and preserving personal liberties and human rights. We have never deviated from this mission and we never will.

We would also like to assure our members that we retain an excellent working relationship with the World Freedom Alliance (WFA), which is not dependent on who leads our party.  We continue to collaborate with the WFA and are currently developing an exciting new project with them, the details of which we will announce soon.

What we are not, however, is a subsidiary of, dictated to or governed by the WFA, a position that would be desirable neither to us nor them. Please note that the Freedom Alliance was established as a political party prior to the inception of the WFA.

We would also like to reaffirm that we remain committed to the devolution of power to the most localised levels possible, and we prioritise the autonomy of all four comprising nations of the UK. We will continue to vigorously defend the independent characters of the four nations, and grant them the power to construct their own manifestos that most appropriately address their unique political climates. We do not and will not take a “one size fits all” approach to four very different countries and cultures. 

In relation to the circumstances surrounding the resignation of former party leader, Nigel Utton, we would like to clarify that his resignation was submitted directly following a motion of no confidence in his leadership from the Executive Committee. He was invited to attend a meeting to respond to the motion, but chose instead to resign. 

Freedom Alliance is currently in the process of appointing an interim leader, and we will issue a further update regarding this as soon as we can.

Thank you once again for your support in this crucial fight. We could not do this without you.