One Year On

With this week marking the one-year anniversary of the UK entering “lockdown”, and its populace witnessing sweeping and draconian removals of civil liberties and basic rights on an unprecedented scale, Freedom Alliance has been granted an exclusive interview with Cameron Meechan, victim of the new extraordinary and oppressive powers granted to the state.

In January of this year, Cameron, 26, and his girlfriend, Danielle McHugh, were relaxing at her Glasgow home watching Netflix, when a 10-strong SWAT team kicked their bedroom door off its hinges, and dragged Cameron out of bed. Clad only in pyjamas, Cameron was thrown to the floor and handcuffed, whilst Danielle’s female flatmate was cuffed at both the hands and ankles, before Cameron was roughly escorted into the back of a police van. Danielle’s flatmate, says Cameron, was “carried in like a hog-roast”.

Their ‘crime’? The police had been tipped off they were having a party. They were not.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life,” says Cameron, a chef. “I’m a law-abiding person and I was doing nothing wrong. To have my door kicked down and then be aggressively manhandled by the police was unbelievable, and not something I ever thought could happen in a liberal democracy like the UK.”

“We were terrified,” confirms Danielle, 27. “We were lying in bed watching Netflix – having enjoyed a couple of drinks with my flatmate and her boyfriend earlier on, but we certainly weren’t having a party – when suddenly ten police officers were in our bedroom screaming at us.”

When Danielle’s flatmate started filming the incident, her phone was forcibly confiscated by the police, who have yet to return it, whilst a pet dog was picked up by the collar and thrown down the hall.

Cameron was held in the cells overnight, before being released the next day.

“I was just in my pyjama bottoms, so they had to give me a T-shirt to walk home in,” says Cameron. “It was the middle of winter and freezing.”

Cameron has been charged with assault and breach of the peace.

“I have no idea why,” he says. “I was the one pinned down and handcuffed for no reason.”

Cameron has since appointed legal representation, in the shape of prominent criminal defence solicitor, Aamer Anwar, who is part of a watchdog group monitoring the use of temporary coronavirus laws. Anwar calls Cameron’s experience “the worst incident to date”. 

Reflecting on his experiences, Cameron says, “I understand the new laws and I’ve been following them, even if I don’t agree with them. I live alone and am in a support bubble with Danielle. So to have been treated like this by the police, who are supposed to serve and protect law-abiding citizens like me, is shocking. It was a hugely traumatic experience and I’m going public, because I want to stop this ever happening to anyone else.”

Cameron’s aunt is Di Meechan, Freedom Alliance’s regional coordinator for Scotland. Cameron’s experiences have amplified even further Di’s commitment to restoring civil liberties and human rights to the people of the UK.

“When I heard what had happened to Cameron, I was horrified and furious,” explains Di, a Glaswegian businesswoman and grandmother. “I never expected such extreme measures would be targeted at my own family. But Cameron’s experience just shows that, with the brutal new powers given to the state under the Coronavirus Act, none of us is safe. That’s why we at Freedom Alliance are resolutely committed to challenging this Act, and all coronavirus restrictions, and restoring all liberties, freedoms and rights to the people of the UK.”

Freedom Alliance lends our full support to Cameron in challenging the police over his ordeal, and we are indebted to him for being courageous enough to share his story.

We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure such experiences as Cameron’s are exposed, challenged, and prevented from ever happening again. 

To find out more about Freedom Alliance and what we stand for, please take a few moments to explore our website, and we hope to have your vote for human rights, personal liberty, and true freedom this May.