Pre-Election Press Release




As we approach what are likely to be the most important elections of our lifetimes, within extraordinary circumstances that were unimaginable just 18 months ago, a new political party has formed in response to the unprecedented challenges we face.

Founded in late 2020, Freedom Alliance has this month been approved by the Electoral Commission, and will be standing candidates all across the UK at elections this May. Freedom Alliance represents a political voice for those who wish to challenge the undemocratic and illiberal nature of the restrictions placed on the country in response to the coronavirus crisis. 

Led by veterinary scientist and clinician, Carol Dobson, Freedom Alliance represents a coalition of individuals from all across the political spectrum, who are opposed to the governmental restrictions commonly referred to as “lockdown”, and to any and all curtailments of the liberties and human rights of free individuals.

Dr. Dobson, who runs a practice in Scotland, says: “I’m not a career politician, I’m a vet, a scientist, and a mother. But when the country started shutting down around me, disrupting my children’s lives, and causing great distress to colleagues, friends and family, I knew I had to take action. Closing down the country in response to a coronavirus is a dramatic and completely unnecessary overreaction. I have studied the data at length, and the statistics clearly show this is not an emergency that warrants this kind of draconian response.”

Party founder and spokesperson, Yorkshire-based Jonathan Tilt, continues, “Quarantining a country is not the way to deal with what is, for most, a mild and short-lived viral infection. And perhaps more importantly, it’s not the government’s place to impose unsolicited health measures on the populace. It’s up to the people to choose – that’s the nature of democracy.”

With a membership of over 2,000 nationwide, comprising those from every different walk of life, Freedom Alliance’s message of personal liberty, human rights, and medical freedom clearly resonates with many.

“We want to give the country back to the people,” says Welsh-born Lien Davies, the party’s promoter and aspiring parliamentary candidate. “We believe in the absolute rights of the people to leave home whenever they choose, to make a living and operate business premises, and to freely speak, associate, assemble, and protest, with no fear of state censorship or penalty.”

Also vigorously opposed to masking in schools, and to the idea of vaccination mandates or “vaccine passports”, Freedom Alliance prioritises personal liberty, and the rights and responsibilities of the individual to make the choices that are right for them.

Freedom Alliance is standing candidates in all four nations of the UK, and is confident of resonating with a significant proportion of the electorate.

“There’s only one real issue on the table this May,” says spokesperson Jonathan, an accountant turned acupuncturist. “And that is whether the will of the people is for or against “lockdown”. We believe it’s firmly against – and this election will give people the democratic voice to prove that.” To find out more about Freedom Alliance, please visit the party’s website at