Fund for Freedom

With the 2021 elections just weeks away, it has never been more important to promote our message of personal liberty, medical freedom, and human rights to the UK electorate.

As a new and grassroots organisation, staffed solely by unpaid volunteers, and with no wealthy sponsors, Freedom Alliance relies exclusively on the generosity of our members to donate the funds we need to compete with the legacy parties at the upcoming elections.

We aim to produce leaflets and banners, as well as a wide range of other promotional materials, to make Freedom Alliance as visible and as voteable as possible in the run up to May 6th.

If you can, please donate to our fundraiser at the below link, and please share the campaign on social media and with family and friends.—fund-for-freedom-campaign

With many thanks from all the team at Freedom Alliance. Together, we can reclaim our essential and inalienable rights and freedoms – and ensure we are never forced to forfeit them again.