Manifesto for Scotland News

Manifesto for Scotland


  • In prioritising ending the disproportionate and damaging lockdown measures and adopting a neutral stance on Scottish independence Freedom Alliance has attracted members and supporters from both sides of the independence debate. Freedom Alliance MSPs will abstain on any vote on IndyRef2 in the Scottish Parliament.
  • Should IndyRef2 happen Freedom Alliance MSPs and members will be free to campaign on whichever side they choose.


  • Freedom Alliance will seek to introduce legislation to more effectively tax big online corporations.
  • Freedom Alliance will seek to levy a Covid 19 ‘windfall tax’ on the Covid 19 vaccine manufacturers.
  • Freedom Alliance will seek to end the immunity from prosecution granted to the pharmaceutical industry by the UK government.
  • Freedom Alliance wants to end deficit spending at the UK government level. We believe that all government expenditure should be financed by tax receipts.


  • The Children’s Commissioner among others have highlighted the fact that lockdown disproportionately affects children from underprivileged backgrounds, with low parental support who likely are already suffering from poor educational outcomes. Freedom Alliance advocates a multi-faceted approach to help children regain the ground lost over the last year through post-school education in vocational courses and apprenticeships and also via decreased pupil to teacher ratios. The additional teaching staff required to be recruited from retired teachers, former teaching assistants or people currently undergoing teacher training.
  • Freedom Alliance MSPs will oppose any more school, further and higher education institution closures and instead push for a permanent return to face-to-face teaching.
  • Freedom Alliance MSPs will oppose any moves towards mask mandates, mandatory Covid 19 testing or “vaccine passports”. The party will ensure to the best of its ability that all pupils, students and parents are fully informed of all the issues relating to masks and Covid 19 testing and that the measures are voluntary.

NHS and care

  • Freedom Alliance MSPs will push for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate what has happened in the care homes, NHS and corridors of power since the beginning of 2020.
  • Freedom Alliance MSPs will push for more funding for scientific studies aimed at finding ways to improve the nations’ health via natural and alternative means to expand upon existing recommendations regarding eating a balanced diet and taking enough exercise in the fresh air. Clearly, when it comes to the latter many people have been significantly negatively impacted as a result of lockdown.
  • As there are already abundant peer reviewed scientific studies that show the essential role of the pre-hormone Vitamin D3 in the maintenance of optimal health as well as in the prevention and management of acute and chronic health challenges; Freedom Alliance advocate significant increases in Vitamin D3 testing with appropriate management and supplementation. The poorer outcomes endured by those with the lowest D3 status during the pandemic should also be noted.

EU relations

  • Freedom Alliance respects the democratic will of the British people and accepts the result of the 2016 Brexit referendum.
  • Freedom Alliance MSPs will seek to build relationships and alliances with elected representatives from EU member states and countries around the world opposed to the disproportionate lockdown measures being imposed upon the people of their nations.

Work and benefits

  • Freedom Alliance MSPs will oppose any further extensions of the furlough scheme and the costly propping up of non-viable jobs and businesses.
  • Freedom Alliance MSPs will reach out to concerned and like-minded experts, business leaders and stakeholders willing to help us find the best way forward to create viable jobs and rebuild our shattered economy. The party is especially interested in working with small and medium sized business owners.


  • Freedom Alliance MSPs will fight to regain Scots’ basic human right to unfettered freedom of movement within the UK. Our MSPs will also do what they can to try and enable Scots to travel abroad without requiring “vaccine passports” or Covid 19 tests.