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Workers Union supporting Freedom

The Workers of England Union is a working group of experienced workers who have expanded their operations to supporting those who have been negatively affected by the ongoing restrictions and changes to employment policy.

“The Workers of England union is a fully independent trade union which anyone can join, our aim is to PROTECT our members employment rights in their chosen industry.”

You can find out more about why they came together here.  If you are suffering from stress or unfair treatment at that impacts your day to day life, impedes your health or you have experienced discriminatory treatment as a result of your choice not to wear a mask, take part in track & trace, coronavirus testing or COVID-19 vaccination at work, in school or while accessing a public service, this Union may be able to support you.

The Workers of England blog provides an excellent resource for up to date, sourced information and material.  They also have a Youtube channel with useful videos.

The Workers of England union is:

  • A union fighting and winning in the workplace.
  • A union that makes your voice heard.
  • A union that listens and acts.
  • A union that is forcing a fairer society.
  • A union that treats people with dignity, respect and is tolerant of other views.
  • A union that promotes unity, not discord.
  • A union that promotes openness and democracy, these are at its forefront.
  • A union that wants its members to become involved.
  • A union that realises that its support starts at a local level, where results change lives.