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Jonathan has been busy campaigning for Freedom in Batley and Spen

Vote Jonathan Tilt on 1 July 

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Saturday 26 June ’21 in Cleckheaton

Jonathan seeks to restore funding to local towns to prevent the closing of smaller colleges like this one, just outside Batley and formally a centre of Excellence and part of both the Batley School of Art and Design as well as Dewsbury and Batley Technical Arts College. Restoring funding to smaller towns ensures college campuses like this one, that are not in big city centres, continue to provide a source of income for small towns, instead of a source of debt. Batley and Spen tax payers currently pay for a security service to protect the abandoned grounds and property from damage.
GB news interviewing Jonathan Tilt for the Batley and Spen by-election on 1 July 2021
Batley’s lamposts are looking better this evening…

Promoted by Lien Davies on behalf of Jonathan Tilt and Freedom Alliance – Integrity, Society, Economy, all at P.O. Box 215, Clayton West, Huddersfield, HD8 1FF