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Why vote Freedom Alliance for Public Health

In just two days Batley and Spen voters will decide who will represent their needs in government for the foreseeable future. 

Are you a Batley and Spen voter?  What will you decide?

  • Vote-in another predictable politician who supports the lockdown measures that have shown to cause more harm than good? 
  • Or Vote-in a person who is personally committed to restoring and protecting your personal freedom and liberty?

The video above discussing the rat problem in Crow Nest Park, Dewsbury, is about so much more than just rats.  This ‘vermin in the park’ problem is a clear representation of the lack of public funding for basic community health care and a visual representation of the consistent neglect for ‘non COVID’ public health concerns.  Billions of public funds have been spent on costly COVID-19 propaganda, COVID-19 ‘safety measures’, furlough, track and trace, vaccine campaigns and so many other programmes that have failed to meet the needs of the people.  With little funds left for services that are desperately needed to protect vulnerable people, like children who play in the park, our council’s are failing to uphold the most basic of public health and safety concerns. Have we really swapped COVID-19 for RATS? The bubonic plague certainly had worse outcomes than COVID and pest control to prevent rat infestations in public parks should always be a high priority, even at the worst of times. 

It’s time we vote-in MPs who work for the best interests of ALL their constituents and are committed to public health and safety on ALL levels, not just with COVID.  

A democracy is supposed to be a system that works for the people, not for the politicians.  As we’ve seen with the recent Matt Hancock scandal, politicians who have private financial gain in the policies they put in place, only prove to exploit the people they claim to be representing.  

Freedom Alliance candidates don’t want to control their constituents.  They didn’t sign up to represent their community out of potential, personal financial gain or greed. 

Our candidates have put themselves forward as a CALL TO ACTION in a crisis.  Our candidates are brave, honest and passionate individuals who wish to empower their friends, family and community to come together, work together and be together.  After witnessing and experiencing the disastrous consequences caused by an avalanche of bad decisions made by government over the last 18 months; this is our line in the sand.  Our candidates will work alongside their community to restore conscious connections, put honesty, accountability and integrity back into politics and secure personal and community freedoms including the freedom to speak without censorship, work without limitations, associate without penalty, congregate without punishment, travel without testing and play without fear. 

Join us to support Freedom in the UK.

Join Freedom Alliance to support change. 

Join Freedom Alliance because…enough is enough.