Leadership Elections

Following the close of nominations in the Freedom Alliance leadership elections the following nominees have been elected unopposed

Chair-Kaela Banthorpe

Leader- Jonathan Tilt

Both appointments are with immediate effect

There were two nominations for the post of Deputy Leader, Darryl Bickler and Adrian Oliver and members will shortly be notified of the election process.

Kaela Banthorpe

Kaela is a self-employed mother of two school-age children living in County Durham. Kaela held senior management positions in the NHS for many years – leading patient, carer and public engagement services in County Durham and then across West Yorkshire. While working with people from the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, Kaela recognised the need for people to be aware of and understand their fundamental rights and responsibilities, in order for them to take control of their lives and make good choices. Supporting people to have a say about and take control of their lives remains a crucial part of her work today as a Life Coach. Recent events have made Kaela even more determined to bring this passion into the political world and provide a platform for people whose voices are not being heard.

Kaela has always been drawn to grass roots projects and has been active in the voluntary and community sector all her adult life, holding committee roles and in more recent years co-founding a charity for which she was a trustee.

Kaela has extensive experience of chairing meetings – from small staff team meetings to large public consultations and conferences and she is an experienced group and workshop facilitator.

Speaking about her new role as Chair of Freedom Alliance Kaela said

“I am looking forward to contributing to the development and running of our new political party alongside our dedicated committee and members. We are united in our aim to bring an end to government imposed restrictions placed on our civil liberties and I believe together we can create a new era of politics which embraces open debate, honesty, freedom of thought and accountability. I would like to extend a huge thank you to our membership for their encouragement and support in recent times – you can be assured that I will try my very best to discharge my responsibilities as Chair with integrity, commitment and compassion

Jonathan Tilt

Jonathan is a founder member of Freedom Alliance and has been acting as Treasurer since November 2020. Jonathan works as an acupuncturist after a career change from accountancy 15 years ago. He has two children and lives close to Dewsbury in West Yorkshire. He was the Freedom Alliance candidate in the Batley and Spen parliamentary by election in July 2021.

Discussing his appointment as Party Leader Jonathan said

“The Freedom Alliance has been established to provide a political voice to those who oppose lockdown restrictions and coercion around Covid vaccines and other medical procedures.

We are run by volunteers most of whom have never been involved in politics. The current political system is deeply flawed but it remains one of the few avenues available to provide meaningful challenge to the state narrative and whilst it remains available we must use it.

Over 3000 people from across the U.K have joined the party since it was formed in late 2020 and 160 of those have stood as candidates at elections. We need more people to join us and to become actively engaged with our mission. We also need to reach out to the very many people who are so disillusioned with conventional politics that they don’t vote. With election turnouts at around 30-40% this group literally has the potential to change the direction of our country and we need to give them a reason to vote.

We are the only grassroots democratic party that is challenging medical coercion throughout the U.K. and that is the reason for our existence along with campaigning to stop “lockdowns” for any reason ever happening again.

We must also develop a wider policy offer based around personal freedom and responsibility. The membership will play the leading role in developing and approving those policies as we intend to be a genuinely democratic political party.

I would like to thank Carol Dobson for acting as interim Leader since January and for leading an impressive campaign for the Scottish Parliament elections.”