Deputy Leader Election

Election statements from the two candidates in the Deputy Leader Election. Voting closes 4pm on 10th September

Darryl Bickler

Written statement for Freedom Alliance Party deputy leader election – Darryl Bickler

Firstly, I am looking to encourage a highly active membership. Whilst joining the Party and voting is already a worthwhile endeavour, we are in now facing a dire predicament due to a global current descent into authoritarianism. I want every member to be the possibility of becoming an effective force, confidently and positively influencing others to take their freedom seriously.  None of us can afford the luxury of sitting back and observing, we must be ‘in action’ at every opportunity!

On our key subject of rights, as well as rescuing the notion of respecting our peaceful private lives, I want to introduce an idea for medical freedom known as ‘cognitive liberty’. This is a conceptual new right that guarantees two things, firstly a freedom not to be covertly administered, mandated or coerced into any medical treatment or consciousness altering drug, or technology, and secondly a right of adults for pursue any treatment or informed drug use that they see fit.  The only caveats to these rights is where there is irrefutable evidence that strict application of the principle would clearly lead to harm to others. Note that a legal right to do something does not mean that anything has to be provided by others, only that the law does not intervene in private matters. The rights I am principally concerned with are not about entitlements or privileges, they are not divisive or based upon claims to victim-status (such as welfare or a ‘right’ not to be offended), true civil rights are universal freedoms that define our citizenship by clearing space where law has no jurisdiction.

I do insist on legal clarity in these matters. We should know that the construct of legality/illegality is something that applies to something that we do, or fail to do, it never applies to objects, so for example, note that ‘illegal’ drugs or ‘illegal’ knives do not exist, we can only declare that an unauthorised action with a ‘controlled drug’ or weapon is unlawful.

I will encourage the Party to resurrect our excellent common law and pare back the hundreds of volumes of statutory law that unduly micro-manage every aspect of our lives.

Adrian Oliver

I joined in February and offered to co-ordinate activity in Buckinghamshire in the run up to the local elections. I was one of 28 candidates here and we distributed 30,000-40,000 leaflets. I was also the Freedom Alliance candidate in the Chesham and Amersham parliamentary by-election. I was asked to join the Party’s Executive Committee around that time and did so.

I have political and campaigning experience. I was Office and Finance Manager for The Green Party 2001-2005. I led two breakthrough local election campaigns, in London and Dorset. I was elected to Camden Council in 2006 along with one other Green and served a four year term. I led a local by-election campaign in 2008 which resulted in the gain of the third seat in the Highgate ward in which I was elected.

There is space in the politics of Britain for a party that can offer a positive vision for the country and the governance of the country. A vision that is based in spirituality, values, and wisdom, and which will also add the counterpart to Freedom; which is Responsibility. I believe that such a vision, communicated well, could lead to a deepening and broadening of our alliance and offer the opportunity for success in the long term.

My campaigning for Freedom Alliance includes the following links. The first includes my interview by Wycombe Sound Radio and the leaflet I wrote for the Chesham and Amersham by-election (design credit: Lynnea Arnold).