Vaccination of Children

Statement on the Vaccination of Children. Jonathan Tilt , Leader Freedom Alliance.

Over the last 48 hours there has been a drip feed of news items suggesting that the Covid vaccination programme will commence with over 12s on 6th September. This unfortunately is how our cowardly government operate. They don’t have the courage to simply announce their intentions they have to “test the water” in this manner first. If there isn’t a backlash against the proposal they will then go through with their scheme.

When Hancock declared this to be an “adult vaccine” that would not be used on children back in November 2020 we all knew he was lying. We expect lies from the “Conservative” government. We also expect that the “opposition” parties of Labour, Lib Dem, Greens and nationalists will obediently acquiesce in whatever tyranny the state chooses to inflict on its population. We won’t waste energy on blaming the professional politicians. They lie, and deceive us and are now attacking our children but after the last eighteen months do we really expect anything different?

Our dispute is with society as a whole. Covid is of no risk to healthy children. Yet those healthy children are being coerced into a medical experiment which inevitably kill some of them and seriously injure many more. This is totally abhorrent. We are no longer functioning as a meaningful society and those who are blindly following the state diktats deserve the revulsion with which history will view them.

The proposed refusal of parental consent for vaccination is a sinister development. Having used lockdown to weaken many of society’s bonds the state will next target the family unit, one of the few areas in which it does not yet exercise full control. Parents’ responsibilities for their children will continue to be eroded and the role of state agencies extended.

We all know that the programme will not stop at 12 year olds in the same way that it will not stop with two, three or even, four jabs. The state is determined to get as many people injected as many times as possible. This is not, and never was, about health and an increasing percentage of the population are starting to realise that.

There are currently 12% holding out against the first vaccine and probably an additional 5% against the second. We need to stand strong and give others the courage to do the same. These percentages are a massive problem for the state they can’t simply exclude nearly one in five of the population from the official economy. If they do the unofficial economy that will cater for the excluded will grow to be a very powerful force.

We may be facing a very dark Winter but Freedom Alliance will keep fighting and keep offering political representation to the increasing number who see through the fake Covid narrative. We are just one small part of the real opposition and the resistance movement is growing daily. This is a war that we can, will and must win.