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Jonathan Tilt, Freedom Alliance Leader, interviewed by Emily Thorpe.Why voting and political activism remain one of the few available avenues for challenging the globalists agenda. Not voting simply plays into the hands of

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Kaela Banthorpe Freedom Alliance Chair is interviewed by Emily Thorpe. Kaela discusses the potentially catastrophic impact of the "covid crisis" on children. She discusses why she joined Freedom Alliance and what the party

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Nick Segal, Freedom Alliance Coordinator for Bolton is interviewed by Emily Thorpe. Nick discusses how the globalists and their associated governments are using fear to manipulate and control people and how we can

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Two separate contacts have now approached us with information that local councils are collating information on potential hoarders and stockpilers in their areas. Both contacts want to remain anonymous. We cannot verify the

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We provide below a list of websites that offer formal template letters for parents, workers and those who wish to write to organisations and/or individuals concerning restrictions, health concerns or discriminatory treatment. These

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Do you feel unwell?  Do you wonder what issues other people have had with the jags (we cannot call them vaccines, since they technically are not).  Check the UK Column News' report from

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Introduction This is an evolving document and will be updated as new information and sources emerge. It is intended to facilitate understanding of what informed consent is and what would constitute informed consent