You can keep up to date with our current electoral campaigns by checking out where we’re standing on the useful website Who Can I vote for?

It will help us with vetting candidates if you also provide links to your social media accounts. The nomination forms can look a bit off-putting but we should be able to find help for you to fill them in.

No previous political experience is necessary. 

If you are fully committed to our key principles and can maintain a peaceful, dignified public presence even during debate online or in person (and if you would really rather that someone else stood for election instead of you) then you are our perfect candidate!

If you would like to stand for us, please read the information provided by the Electoral Commission in the 2 links below, and if you qualify as a local candidate – by residence, property or work in the area (of the larger local authority not the smaller ward/ division) then please contact us, using the form below, ASAP!