The Freedom Alliance were opposed to the introduction of vaccine mandates to workers and people deployed in care homes back in November 2021 and the government’s subsequent attempt to roll this out to all NHS staff and service providers. Through the hard work campaigning by lobby groups such as #Together, the regulations requiring vaccination as a condition of employment was withdrawn on 15th March 2022. However, the damage to the care home sector and to the lives of an estimated 40,000 sacked staff was already done.

Care workers choosing bodily autonomy had to either be sacked, or leave their positions of their own free will.

The government have acknowledged that care workers provided an incredible service to their industry and the vulnerable that relied upon them for care in the most challenging, precarious and unprecedented of times prior to the introduction of Covid 19 vaccines and throughout the so-called national emergency. However Sajid Javid, the then Heath Secretary said, ‘it was the right policy at the time’ and that ‘the government makes no apology for it.’

The Chair of the Independent Care Group, Mike Padgham said at the time, ‘We warned [the government] many good, kind and caring professional staff would be lost to the policy and that proved to be the case. Most of those we will never get back.’

The Freedom Alliance welcomes the campaign thrust ‘Apologise, Reinstate, Compensate 40,000 Care Workers Forced Out’ by #Together, their goal to find justice for the 40,000 care workers who refused to give in to unethical coercion to take the experimental vaccine as a condition of employment, and get them reemployed in the sector.

The bigger picture, shows the repercussions of such a draconian and disastrous policy include hospitals backlogged with patients unable to go back to care homes, putting further strain on an NHS already stretched and understaffed. With such a dependency on a fully functioning Care system, the bottleneck  not cleared, would put lives at risk and push the NHS to collapse.

The Freedom Alliance encourage the public to write to Health Secretary Steve Barclay without delay to urge him to do the right thing – Apologise, Reinstate, Compensate! The template letter can be found here

As Winter continues, as does the misery of thousands suffering more illness than ever, the British public, the NHS and our Health Care system must never be used to create wealth, power and control for those leaders and influencers – the select few – who crave these more than their duty and privileged authority should ever allow.