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Chris's campaign leaflet for the Southend West by election on Thursday 3rd February. If you can help us campaign please email info@freedomalliance.co.uk. To support the campaign please use the donate button on the

9 January 2022 5 Comments

Our New Year's message to our members and the wider movement.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP5Jm13ppIQ

13 December 2021 3 Comments

Earl Jesse our North Shropshire candidate played a formative role in establishing the anti lockdown movement in the Spring of 2020. He believes that as a resistance movement we need to use politics

13 December 2021 2 Comments

Firstly Chris and Freedom Alliance send their condolences and sympathy to the family of David Amess who was so cruelly murdered. Given the reason why the by election is taking place many other

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Politics is part of the solution. We need to use it. https://freedomalliance.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Politics-isnt-a-waste-of-time.mp4

27 November 2021 11 Comments

Introducing Earl Jesse. Freedom Alliance candidate in the North Shropshire By Election.Earl has been a prominent member of the anti lockdown resistance since the start of the state imposed tyranny in March 2020.

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Freedom Alliance has evolved from volunteers, looking to change the system from within, collectively bringing about a party that believes in the very core of democratic freedom. One member, one vote. We are

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Jonathan Tilt, Freedom Alliance Leader, interviewed by Emily Thorpe.Why voting and political activism remain one of the few available avenues for challenging the globalists agenda. Not voting simply plays into the hands of

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We provide below a list of websites that offer formal template letters for parents, workers and those who wish to write to organisations and/or individuals concerning restrictions, health concerns or discriminatory treatment. These

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Do you feel unwell?  Do you wonder what issues other people have had with the jags (we cannot call them vaccines, since they technically are not).  Check the UK Column News' report from

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