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Hyperinflation and Punished Care Workers

Watch Freedom Alliance Videos Jonathan Tilt, Freedom Alliance candidate for the Batley and Spen by elections, discusses the rapid rise in petrol prices and discrimination against care workers in Batley. 

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Why vote Freedom Alliance for Public Health

In just two days Batley and Spen voters will decide who will represent their needs in government for the foreseeable future.  Are you a Batley and Spen voter?  What will you decide? Vote-in another predictable politician who supports the lockdown measures that have shown to cause more harm than good?  Or Vote-in a person who […]

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Jonathan has been busy campaigning for Freedom in Batley and Spen

Vote Jonathan Tilt on 1 July  Please follow our #BatleyandSpenByElection candidate, Jonathan Tilt, on Twitter! Saturday 26 June ’21 in Cleckheaton Promoted by Lien Davies on behalf of Jonathan Tilt and Freedom Alliance – Integrity, Society, Economy, all at P.O. Box 215, Clayton West, Huddersfield, HD8 1FF

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COVID-19/SARS-CoV2: An Exploration

We invite you to download and review this 80 page document of very important information collected and collated by The Informed Parent in an easy to use, interactive pdf, exploring the serious issues surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 vaccination program.  The following information is provided by The Informed Parent and included in the pdf […]

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The UK Column News

What is the UK Column? The UK Column is an independent news organisation founded in 2006 by Brian Gerrish, our co-editor. Established with no financial backing or external investment, the UK Column remains completely independent of any advertisers, foundations and political parties. All of our funding comes from our viewers, listeners and readers who support us through […]

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Workers Union supporting Freedom

The Workers of England Union is a working group of experienced workers who have expanded their operations to supporting those who have been negatively affected by the ongoing restrictions and changes to employment policy. “The Workers of England union is a fully independent trade union which anyone can join, our aim is to PROTECT our […]

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COVID-19 Vaccine Informed Consent Checklist

Written by Adrian John Oliver, Freedom Alliance candidate for Amersham and Chesham – 17 June by-elections. Introduction This is an evolving document and will be updated as new information and sources emerge. It is intended to facilitate understanding of what informed consent is and what would constitute informed consent in relation to COVID-19 vaccinations. This […]

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Open Letter from Dr Tess Lawrie to Chief Exec MHRA Dr Raine – URGENT Report – COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans

The Director of the Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy Ltd and EbMC Squared CiC, Dr Tess Lawrie, has examined all Yellow Card data collected by the MHRA from COVID-19 vaccine adverse events and deaths reported in the UK.  She has produced an Urgent preliminary report of Yellow Card data up to 26th May 2021 to Dr Raine, […]


Batley and Spen by-election

From Jonathan Tilt “With nominations closing today I’m now officially the Freedom Alliance candidate in the Batley and Spen by election. A big thanks to those that nominated me and to Bill Palfreman for his invaluable help. Fifteen other candidates standing but can any of them match me in stating their unequivocal opposition to the […]

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Freedom Alliance does not support COVID-19 Vaccine for UK Children

There is an increasingly heavy push by several, vocal MPs and the main stream media for a National roll-out of COVID-19 vaccinations for children ages 12+ in the UK. Freedom Alliance stands strongly against all and any proposed COVID-19 vaccinations for children under 18 years of age. We join many others in the Safer To […]