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  • Chris Anderson. Freedom Alliance candidate Southend West.

Chris Anderson. Freedom Alliance candidate Southend West.

Firstly Chris and Freedom Alliance send their condolences and sympathy to the family of David Amess who was so cruelly murdered.

Given the reason why the by election is taking place many other parties are not standing candidates. We understand that viewpoint but believe that relentless extension of the state’s covid tyranny means that we must use every opportunity to oppose the captured legacy parties. Chris expalins in the video here why he is standing.


    16 January 2022

    Whilst I understand your motives the whole bloody lot of you minor parties, contesting against yourselves, split the vote and TOTALLY fail to recognise that the tyranny you fight against is first and foremost in THE PARTY SYSTEM itself. Please send me an e-mail address and I will explain.
    Suffice here to say, you obviously believe what you are doing is democracy and therefore you and all the voters have no idea what you re really doing but ACCEPTING the slavery cleverly prepared for you BY THE PARTY SYSTEM..

    18 January 2022

    I will be voting on 3Feb but Tories will win because too many alternatives are putting candidates in place. Only one alternative party required because you will split the vote. Does no one have any intelligence in the alternative community? Yes the system is corrupt and no one is going to change it by voting which is a complete waste of time.

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