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Earl Jesse. Freedom Alliance. North Shropshire

Earl Jesse our North Shropshire candidate played a formative role in establishing the anti lockdown movement in the Spring of 2020. He believes that as a resistance movement we need to use politics alongside mass protests and non compliance and explains why in the video below.


    13 December 2021

    I’m going to vote for you, I’ve decided that is enough is enough. My freedom isn’t in peril. it’s been sold by my government to the pharmaceutical and AI companies in exchange for increased working hours, higher taxation and lower educational standards. As a sop I have access to debt facilities and the illusion of community via the net, minus travel infra-structure and adequate policing, providing I don’t challenge or expose or, most importantly, ask that the truth be told.

    So how do you envisage society? How do we get heard?

    Kind regards

    26 December 2021

    I share your pain. We need to change how our government is run and we need to spread the word. Many people know there is a problem but don’t know what to do. We could really make a difference

    4 January 2022

    Great content! Keep up the good work!

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