England Candidates

Freedom Alliance have candidates for the following by-elections: 

  • Batley and Spen on 1 July 2021

Vote FREEDOM ALLIANCE on 1 July 2021
Batley and Spen

Johnathan Tilt

Jonathan was born in Dewsbury and lives in Kirklees. He is a former Vice Principal of Dewsbury and Batley College. He now works as an acupuncturist and has helped thousands of people with a wide range of health challenges over the last 11 years.

“ I have two children who have both lost half a year of schooling. Through my work I have seen the anxiety, devastation and sheer despair that many hard working people have suffered because of the lockdown restrictions. And yet the death rate in 2020 at 9.4 deaths per 1000 people was totally normal and similar, to previous years. The Conservative government are devastating life and livelihoods for no good reason and Labour and the Liberal Democrats are not providing any meaningful opposition.”

If elected Jonathan will provide effective challenge to the Government narrative. He will also be a diligent and professional MP with a clear focus on helping the residents of Batley and Spen. He will work as a full time M.P. and will not take funding, donations or a salary from any external source.

Jonathan Tilt discusses the rising prices of petrol, food and other necessities through 23%+ inflation in just one year. Why is the government telling us it’s only 1.6% when we as consumers know it’s far higher? More manipulation of statistics for their desired outcome. Vote Jonathan Tilt and Freedom Alliance on 1 July 2021 for honest debate and action against rapid inflation.
Jonathan seeks to restore funding to local towns to prevent the closing of smaller colleges like this one, just outside Batley and formally a centre of Excellence and part of both the Batley School of Art and Design as well as Dewsbury and Batley Technical Arts College. Restoring funding to smaller towns ensures college campuses like this one, that are not in big city centres, continue to provide a source of income for small towns, instead of a source of debt. Batley and Spen tax payers currently pay for a security service to protect the abandoned grounds and property from damage.

Jonathan Tilt and Freedom Alliance spoke to the public about their concerns in Batley on Tuesday, 29 June. Watch videos above. 

Jonathan Tilt and Freedom Alliance volunteers visited Cleckheaton High Street and spoke with locals yesterday, Saturday 26 June 2021