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Is Your Shopping Being Monitored?

Two separate contacts have now approached us with information that local councils are collating information on potential hoarders and stockpilers in their areas. Both contacts want to remain anonymous. We cannot verify the information they have provided and everyone must make their own individual assessment as to what if any action to take.

Both contacts, who work for councils in Southern England, stated that council environmental health departments are collecting and collating information from “partners and other agencies”. “Partners” could refer to supermarkets and payment providers. ” Agencies” refers to other public bodies such as police and social services.

Should food shortages escalate then it is at least possible that government agencies could try to identify households with surplus stocks and seize these for redistribution. Such measurers would require legislation but with a completely compliant Parliament that would not be a difficulty. Alternatively food stocks could be seized using existing provisions to protect public health.

Either approach would need councils to be able to identify and focus on households with surplus stocks. Simply trawling a whole neighbourhood would be too resource intensive. This potentially explains why information may be being collected and collated at the moment.

Food stocks also provide some short to medium term protection against the most draconian excesses of health passports. Are councils cross referencing information on stockpilers with vaccine records? We can only speculate.

With increasing evidence of food shortages and significant food price inflation then some level of stockpiling of essentials makes sense but clearly everyone should reach their own decision on this difficult subject.

If you are taking precautions to secure food supplies for yourself, your family and dependents then a few small precautions are advisable.

-Shop in small independent stores.

-Pay in cash

-Don’t make use of supermarket loyalty schemes

-If possible spread the shopping amongst different members of the household

-Keep the fact that you have food stockpiles secret and private.

Whilst this information is different in nature to that which we usually provide, we hope that you find it helpful.


    27 October 2021

    Thank you for the info-I do wonder if the Prevent strategy has been re-purposed to identify “domestic terrorrists” aka critical thinkers who are concerned about the way things are going aka totalitarianism

    22 November 2021

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    27 November 2021

    Sound advice. Pasta keeps. So do rice and other grains if stored in safe receptacles. Cash is the way for all transactions (where possible). The day may well come when we have to devise our own cash system to compete with the “cashless society”, another term for “spy on you society”, that certain control freaks wish to impose. We must fight this at all cost. That is what freedom is about..

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