Freedom Alliance is a democratic member led organisation. Day to day management is through an Executive Committee. Whilst the initial Executive Committee has been established by the founding members all posts on Committee will be subject to election every four years. All members are entitled to stand and vote in these elections. The first elections are scheduled for the Summer of 2021. All posts are unpaid and the party does not currently employ any staff.

Our clear aim is to build a grassroots movement that is organised and co-ordinated locally with minimal central management.

The Current Executive Committee comprises the following positions

Leader, Chair, Treasurer, Nominations Officer, Scotland Co-ordinator, three additional members.

Chairman. Steven Pannas

Steven is recently retired company owner of 26 years within the automotive parts distribution industry.  He has been self employed since 1984 and lives close to York in North Yorkshire. 

Steven was born in 1958 and is married with three children and two grandchildren. His interests include motor racing holding a current race licence and classic car restoration.

Steven’s role in Freedom Alliance is as constitutional head of the party ensuring that the party is run legally and fairly in accordance with its constitution and in the interests of it’s members. He is actively involved in policy development and chairs the weekly Executive Committee meetings.

Leader. Carol Dobson

A stalwart campaigner for Freedom Alliance, and the principles of personal liberty, Carol is a veterinarian who has worked closely with her local community since 1983, in both Scotland and England. A Glasgow University graduate, Carol has spent her career working with others to ensure the ethical and humane treatment of animals. 

Carol has been firmly opposed to the current restrictions since their inception, and, as a scientist and clinician, is appalled at the manipulation and misrepresentation of science and data as a basis for justifying a political agenda.

Carol’s family, like most families, has been directly impacted by the restrictions, with her two young adult children being forced to abandon independent lives and return home.

Carol is committed to opposing and ending the current restrictions, and to ensuring the restoration and preservation of a fairer, freer, and more equitable society for all.

A Lanarkshire native, Carol currently lives on a converted dairy farm in Ayrshire with her children, and a variety of rescue animals, including ponies, hens, guinea pigs, and a budgie.

Scotland Co-ordinator. Di Meechan.

Di Meechan has been involved in managing and running businesses for the past 20 years. Her background is not in politics she is a businesswoman and a mother who’s motivated and wants better things for the Scottish people. She lives in Glasgow.

Di explained her motivation for becoming involved in the anti-lockdown movement and Freedom Alliance

“In December 2020 my first grandchild was born. One of the first babies conceived and born during UK lockdown, an original ‘Lockdown Baby’. I want this child and every other child to grow up in a world with freedom, true democracy and absolute human rights where politicians operate with integrity for the future of our society and our economy.

Our governments, particularly within the last 9 months, have not been acting in our best interest. The impact of lockdown and bad or immoral policy making, on our individual lives, our mental and physical health and keeping the economy from collapse during lockdown have not been their priority.

Opposition parties have not been standing against the catastrophic decisions and policies and we the people are now morally obliged to be the opposition.  Without political intervention our country will continue to be led by individuals with conflicts of interest and ulterior motives.

I recognise that it’s impossible to go back to the way it used to be, this does not mean that we have to accept the ‘New Normal’ as it’s laid out to us by those who have taken absolute control. We have the ultimate opportunity for change to create a fair and just world. We can of course, choose to live in fear and hang on to the idea of the return to the ‘Old  Normal’ or we can choose to create our own future, a new future that works for us, our children and our children’s children. One in which we reject censorship, propaganda and applied behavioural psychological in favour of freedom of speech, bodily autonomy and human rights.


Our children are depending on us…”

Treasurer. Jonathan Tilt

Jonathan is a Chartered Accountant who after working in financial management for twenty years retrained as an acupuncturist. Since 2010 he has been the sole practitioner at Barnsley Acupuncture. He has a detailed understanding of the challenges facing small and medium sized enterprises who have been abandoned by the legacy political parties. Through his work as an acupuncturist he has witnessed first hand the mental health crisis that has been caused by the government’s actions during 2020.

Jonathan lives near Dewsbury and has a thirteen-year old daughter and a five -year old son. Jonathan’s partner Anthea is a primary school teacher.  He is (an increasingly slow) marathon runner and long-distance swimmer.

Jonathan was a founder member of the Freedom Alliance who acts as nominated treasurer and is heavily involved in membership and candidate liaison.

Promoter: Lien Davies

A native of Swansea, Wales, Lien currently lives in West Yorkshire, where he runs a successful plumbing business. Lien’s work brings him into contact with a wide variety of different people every day, and from the beginning of “lockdown”, he was struck by how much discontent and opposition to the undemocratically enforced restrictions he was witnessing. Seeing how much damage and distress the coronavirus measures were causing to clients, family, and friends, Lien felt compelled to take action.

A founding member of Freedom Alliance, Lien functions as the party’s promoter, and is also standing as a candidate for the Welsh Assembly, where he will be campaigning to restore all civil liberties and personal freedoms to the people.

A keen cyclist, Lien lives in Wakefield with his nineteen-year-old son.