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Local Coordinators Wanted

10 May 2021 freedom Comments Off

Freedom Alliance was created and exists to fight elections in the U.K. We want to ensure that where there are elections we can stand candidates who are pro freedom and against any form of medical or economic coercion. We want to use the electoral system to try and ensure that the state tyranny inflicted on the British population during the last 18 months is brought to an end and can never happen again.

In May 2021, despite having only existed as a party for a few weeks, we stood 160 candidates across the country. 

England, Scotland and Wales have a wide range of local council elections scheduled for May 2022. We intend to contest as many of these as possible. To do that we need candidates but more immediately we need local coordinators.

Coordinators recruit local candidates and then guide them through the nominations and campaign process. You will also be responsible for local liaison with other anti lockdown parties. The posts are voluntary and unpaid. You do not need election experience we will train, support and guide you.

By helping the party in this way you are making a massive contribution to resisting the state’s agenda. The mainstream parties are starting to take note of Freedom Alliance and the other anti- lockdown parties. We need to follow this up by standing a large number of candidates in May 2022

We have coordinators in place for about half of the U.K. and we need to find people prepared to fill this role in the rest of the country. Some significant areas where we don’t have coordinators include.




Scottish Borders.

Dumfries and Galloway


East Yorkshire




If you are interested in being a coordinator in any of these areas please contact us at freedomallianceUK@yahoo.com.