What We Stand For


We have founded Freedom Alliance to give robust and credible visibility within the political system to those who oppose lockdown, because this is something no other party is doing, and because, in a democracy, it is critical that our voices are represented and heard. Millions of people in this country oppose lockdown and they are not being given a political voice. Freedom Alliance exists to provide that voice.

None of the legacy parties oppose the restrictions or give any meaningful platform to those that do. An entire political party, founded solely and exclusively to oppose lockdown restrictions, and the attendant challenges of forced masking, testing, and vaccination, cannot be so easily disregarded. That is why it is crucial we come together and make our political voice for freedom heard. 

We believe in protecting and preserving the absolute rights of people to:

- Leave home whenever they choose

- Make a living and operate business premises

- Freely associate, assemble and peacefully protest

- Speak freely without censorship or penalty

- Make their own medical choices without coercion or penalties.

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Either we are all free, or we fail; democracy must belong to all of us.

Dennis Chavez