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Draft Manifesto 2022.

2022. Draft Manifesto

The 2022 Manifesto which will provide the basis for any elections in 2022 is currently draft. The Manifesto will be put before the membership for approval prior to the AGM on 5th March 2022. The key highlights from the manifesto are detailed below.

Ending the Tyranny

Freedom Alliance will

-Repeal all Coronavirus related legislation.

-Recover money paid through government contracts that were not subject to normal tendering processes.

-Establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

-Compensate businesses and individuals who have suffered severe financial loss as a result of the restrictions. This will be funded through a windfall tax on supermarkets.

-End indemnity for vaccine manufacturers and legislate to permit retrospective compensation claims for vaccine injury. Extend liability to directors of vaccine manufacturers.

-Cancel all Coronavirus related loans to small and medium sized businesses.

Rescuing Democracy

Freedom Alliance will

-Replace the first past the post system with single transferrable vote in all UK elections

-Ban donations of more than £10,000 pa from one source to a political party

-Implement a system of direct democracy where a petition signed by 12% of the electorate will give rise to a referendum on any subject.

-Re-invigorate local democracy. Parish and Town Councils will be given resources and power to tackle dog fouling, fly tipping , noise nuisance and other aspects of anti social behaviour. 

polling station

Facilitating Health.

Decades of increased health funding have failed to deliver an improved service. Waiting times and lists continue to increase whilst health trusts spend millions on executive and managerial salaries.

The current healthcare system is too dependent on pharmaceutical interventions. There is too little emphasis on nutrition, lifestyle and the prevention of illness.

Freedom Alliance will

-Allocate each citizen their proportion of the healthcare budget. The individual or family will be required to purchase a comprehensive healthcare package from a range of providers. Providers may have different emphases . Individuals may choose to remain with the NHS.

-guarantee that healthcare will remain free at the point of delivery.

-ensure emergency medicine will continue to be provided by the NHS which will be properly funded for this function.

-base all government health advice on objective and impartial research that is not corrupted through funding from pharmaceutical companies or other vested interests.

health food

Economic Freedom.

The global banking system has been used to enslave individuals, companies and nation states. Moving to a system of sound money with growth financed by savings and not debt is essential.

Freedom Alliance will

-Permit and encourage the circulation of a range of currencies within the U.K.

-Ensure that the £ is backed by a mixture a finite and physical assets preventing growth from being manufactured out of monetary expansion.

-Reduce and ultimately end the reliance on financing government through debt issuance.

-Introduce a public sector pay cap.

-Cap goverment spending at 2018/19 level.

-Encourage Local Economic Trading and Timebanking Schemes and exempt these from all taxation.


Freedom from Poverty.

We recognise that fairly remunerated  employment represents the best route out of poverty. 

Freedom Alliance will

-Abolish National Insurance as a means of collecting revenue. State benefits will remain in place.

-Set the council tax for Band A and B properties at 50% of the current level. Reduce the rate for band C and D properties to 75% of the current level. The revenue lost will be offset by increases in band H properties, applying council tax to empty properties and doubling the rate on second homes.

-Raise the personal exemption from Income Tax to £25,000 pa.  and offset the revenue loss by additional rate on salaries above £120,000 pa.

empty fridge

Food Production.

We believe that not enough is being done to provide good, nutritous food, free from damaging pesticides and herbicides that not only harm the earth, but our health as well. We must act to protect our precious pollinators while providing a habitat where our wildlife can flourish. We do not believe, as the World Economic Forum does, that the answer lies in genetically modified crops monitored by drones, or by wilding large parts of our landscape while herding people into smart cities to be tracked and controlled.

Freedom Alliance will

-Work with organisations such as the Permaculture Association and the Soil Association to overhaul current farming practices

-Introduce a food miles tax.

-Incentivise the use of regenerative organic methods to produce our food

-Encourage a shift away from large scale intensive farming, and fund the building of organic community farms

-Abolish grants paid to farmers for “wilding” sections of farmland

-Require school meal suppliers to provide meals using local organic produce

-Ban foreign corporations from agricultural land ownership

-Ban all GMO crop production

-Require food labelling to clearly state whether food has been produced using pesticides and/or herbicides

-Require all meat and dairy production to move to organic free range methods

-Ban routine use of antibiotics in meat production

National Freedom

The UK is a medium sized country that should not aspire to be a global power ( no nation should!).

The UK has the right to defend itself from foreign attack but defence activity should be confined to Europe and the Atlantic. 

Freedom Alliance will

-Hold a referendum on the U.K.’s continued membership of the

1-United Nations

2-World Health Organisation

3-World Trade Organisation

4-International Monetary Fund.

-Establish a genuine and independent enquiry into the origins and legality of the Iraq invasion in 2003. 

-Assign 12% of income tax receipts to defence spending. This will be pooled and divided amongst all registered electors. Each elector will be able to decide whether their proportion is directed to one of three areas

-Defence spending

-Foreign aid

-Internal aid aimed at reducing poverty, crime and homelessness within the United Kingdom.

Personal Freedom


The government and its employees exist to serve the citizens, not the other way round. This concept has been lost within British society during the last three decades. We now have the absurd and insane situation in which people are “mandated” to remain in their houses and close their businesses in the interests of protecting a public service. At the moment it’s “stay at home to save the NHS”, how long before we are told to “stop driving to protect the DVLA” or “don’t report crimes to protect the police”.

People are free under the rule of law. The fundamental role of any government is to protect both those freedoms and the rule of law.

Freedom Alliance will

-Legislate specifically to protect individual’s right to body autonomy and to prevent the state from mandating any medical procedures.

-Establish a written constitution that identifies and protects citizens inalienable rights to personal freedom and liberty

-Legislate to reclassify all U.K residents as citizens and not subjects.

-Legislate to reverse Gillick Competence. Parental consent will be required for all medical interventions up to the age of 16.

-Re-instate the Human Rights Act should this be repealed by the current government

-Protect the right to religious and cultural freedom

-Significantly reduce the level of state surveillance of individuals, by ensuring that all surveillance activities satisfy set legislative parameters.

-Always oppose any form of discrimination based on gender, age, sexual orientation, race, nationality, disability, health or medical choices.

-Introduce significantly greater controls and safeguards over the process of “sectioning” under the Mental Health Acts.

Liberating Education.

It is time for our society to put children and young people first, to value our teachers and bring the parent voice into education.

We must revisit the purpose of education and ensure it is child centred, benefiting the children rather than the institution they attend. ‘Education’ means etymologically to lead out and has nothing to do with putting in but this is not the experience for many children and young people in schools, colleges and universities today.

We need to create an education system which values each individual and supports children to discover how best they can contribute usefully and happily to their community and the economy in the future.

We need to move away from an education system which puts pressure on children and can declare young children as ‘failing’ before they even leave Key Stage 1 in Primary School.

We need to liberate education and provide parents with genuine choice and teachers the freedom to facilitate childrens’ learning and development in the way that they judge to be best. Under our plans parents and not OFSTED or the local council will determine which schools thrive and which don’t survive.

The drive for standards and standardisation has turned many schools into monochrome production lines in which individuality, curiosity and learning through exploration and experience are stifled. We need to make a shift towards children and young people being active in their own learning and teachers being free of state interference so they can get on with the job of teaching. The vast majority of teachers work exceptionally hard in an environment that has become ever more challenging.Teacher workloads have increased inevitably reducing their focus in the classroom. In the same way MPs should ‘work for you”, teachers should work for the children. This has become almost impossible to achieve given government overreach and local authority interference. If teacher power were properly harnessed – it would transform the schools. Good teachers know what works and what is a waste of time.  subject matter at all. 

Freedom Alliance will

-Over a ten year period withdraw state funding from the non vocational university sector and end the practice of underwriting student loans for non vocational courses.

-Restrict repayments on historic student loans to those earning more than £50,000 pa.

-End charitable status for private and independent schools.

-Scrap SATS for Yr 2 and Yr6

-Abolish LEAs and Ofsted and engage schools and teachers in driving educational standards

-Establish parent councils to manage schools

-Remove politics from the classroom.

-Free up teachers to teach by creating complementary posts to support administration, playground duties etc.

-Refocus primary education on getting the basics right where children discover the joy of learning to read, write and acquire key life skills – needlework, woodwork, crafting, cooking etc.. “Let kids be kids.” 

-Investigate the role teaching unions have played in advocating the closure of schools and the harmful and disproportionate measures put in place in education in 2020/21

-Invest in face-to-face learning and move away from a reliance and focus on technology and screens for distance learning

-Invest the same resources in targeted support for highly gifted and able children as are targeted at SEN children.

-Legislate to guarantee parents’ rights to home educate their children. Establish support and funding mechanisms to assist this important sector.

-Re-purpose higher education funding for post 16 vocational education. Establish vocational maintenance allowance for 16-19 year olds.

kids having fun

Supporting Small Businesses.

 The restrictions and regulations imposed on the UK population during the  covid-19 “crisis” have in general benefited large corporations at the expense of small and medium sized businesses including the self employed. The policies persuaded during 2020-22 have in many ways just extended processes that have been in place since the 1980s where economic power has increasingly been concentrated in the hands of large corporations. This has directly resulted

Freedom Alliance will.

 –Redesign the corporation tax system and rates to provide a deliberate bias towards small and medium sized companies that are resident in the United Kingdom.

-Replace V.A.T with a bio degradation tax and packaging tax. This will benefit retailers with a physical presence over those that follow a delivery based model.

-Levy a U.K. sales tax on all retailers that are trading in the U.K from a foreign base.

-Exempt genuine workers’ cooperatives from corporation tax for the first three years of trading. After three years cooperatives will be charged a discounted rate of corporation tax.