At the time of writing, we have 37 Freedom Alliance nominated candidates for the English local authority elections on 4 May this year.

There are over 8,000 seats available.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 4th April at 4pm) is the official deadline, but the hard-worked electoral teams in your local council will need some time before that in order to check your forms.

So this is a last-minute call out.

It’s now too late for us to nominate you (unless you happen to have already been in touch with our Nominating Officer, or a Deputy Nominating Officer) however you may just have time to stand, officially, as an independent but with the intention to abide by our key principles.

That process is quite simple. Here’s how:

  1. check this 4th May 2023 list from the website “Who Can I Vote For?” (WCIVF) and see if your Council is having an election.
  2. Look at the list of wards (neighbourhoods) and find one that you know you can get signatures from 2 registered voters.
  3. Download the form attached here (if you’re reading this on our website, we’ll put it there too).
  4. There are 4 parts to the form: 1a – Nomination paper, 1b – Home address form, 1c – Candidate’s consent to nomination, 4 – Notification of an election agent. There’s also a checklist and some official information.
  5. The dates have been filled in for you, apart from your date of birth.
  6. For “electoral division/ward of the” write the name of the Ward.
  7. For “county/district/London borough of” write the name of the Council.
  8. For “Proposer” write the full name of the registered voter for your Ward who has agreed to propose you (and no-one else) as a candidate.
  9. For “Seconder” write the full name of the registered voter for your Ward who has agreed to second you (and no-one else) as a candidate (if you’re a registered voter, this can be you).
  10. For “Polling District” write the name of the Council.
  11. Ask the Election Team in your local Council for the “Elector Number” for your Proposer and Seconder.
  12. Tick and write your relevant address for all Qualifications in 1b and put a line through any that don’t apply in 1c.
  13. The Witness can be your Proposer or Seconder, or any adult of sound mind, with an address, who will witness you signing the form – their full name and address in 1b and full name and signature in 1c
  14. For “The relevant area my home address is situated in:” write the name of the Council.
  15. In part 4, you can be your own Agent. If so, you can just write your own address for “Agent’s address (in full):” and “Agent’s office address (in full):” – the last address is published on the Council website so, if you want more privacy, you can ask a friend (or friendly business owner) to use their address instead (don’t write the name of the business!). It can’t be a PO box and must have a letterbox in case you get physical mail – its all electronic so that shouldn’t happen. If you are your own Agent, you don’t need to sign as Agent as well as Candidate.
  16. Contacts for “Agent’s other details in case of query” are optional but it’s good to be in touch with Election Team.
  17. Look up your Local Council website and find the Election Team number – phone and make an appointment to hand in the forms.
  18. Tell us (use the Contact form on the website) where you are standing and look out for more advice on posting a WCIVF profile.


Good luck! When we know where you are we can organise support but go ahead and ask around especially in A Stand In The Park and other local activist groups.

We’re always looking for Policy/ Campaign/ News articles for our website – so get writing!

The Freedom Alliance leadership team have been working flat out since October to keep the party afloat and with your help we’ve managed it! We’re going to take a break for Easter, as soon as the nomination deadline is passed.