The GERM (global education reform movement) has damaged the education of a generation of children who have been burdened with high stakes testing and a technocratic curriculum designed to measure statistics rather than educate our children.  We will put an immediate end to high stakes testing in primary schools.

Philosophy for Children will become the heart of the curriculum in all schools.  We will provide a training programme to help its introduction nationally.  We will introduce school reform which puts children back at the centre of their learning.  All children will be educated in their local community being taught at a level which suits them individually and not based on their chronological age.  Sport, music, drama, dance, art, history, geography, science, computer studies, languages (ancient and or modern) English and maths will be given equal weight in the primary curriculum.

Secondary school students will have more choice in the subjects they wish to study when, for how long  and to what level.  Students will be taught according to their academic needs and not according to their age.

Schools will be run on democratic principles with children taking an active role in the government of their own education.  This will mirror the increasing political role we wish people to take in their adult lives.

We wish to see a significant redistribution in funding in further and higher education from academic to vocational education.

The quality of apprenticeships will be improved so that students with practical skills are held in the same high regard as academic students.   Employers will be incentivised to retain apprentices once they have successfully completed their courses.

We will introduce the Scottish system of further education funding across the UK.  All students whether academic, vocational or in apprenticeships will receive a grant to meet their basic living expenses.