The Freedom Alliance is a grassroots political party which is entirely funded by you, our members and supporters.

We do not solicit or accept donations from the pharmaceutical industry or condition-ridden offers from the ultra-wealthy. We are committed to retaining our integrity by maintaining a party that is run by the people, for the people.

None of our staff takes a wage or claims expenses. Every active member, from the leadership through to leaflet distributors, works entirely voluntarily. We hope in time to be able to compensate staff for their hard work.

Running a successful political campaign across the UK, challenging the very well-established and well-funded legacy parties, entails a wide range of costs, including marketing and advertising, web hosting, printing and distribution and more. We are very grateful for any amount you might be able to donate to help us meet these costs, which will give us the best possible chance of making an impact at the next elections, and restoring and preserving our inalienable personal freedoms and human rights.

Thank you.