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Research Insights. Freedom from Fear.

15 November 2021 Jonathan Tilt Comments Off

Freedom Alliance has evolved from volunteers, looking to change the system from within,
collectively bringing about a party that believes in the very core of democratic freedom. One
member, one vote. We are passionate about our commitment to be the real alternative to the
corruption of politicians and those in power.

As the research officer for FA, I have access to information that may otherwise have been
inaccessible to many, due to the censorship that determines what people see and hear and
inevitably, what they think.

With the emergence of Telegram and other independent sites, information is getting through. But
this information needs to get to the masses, who still believe in the globally staged narrative.
Anything promoting a different view to the the mainstream narrative, is being labelled as
misinformation and projected as dangerous, domestic terrorism! This is absolute nonsense. Why can
we not have a debate on many of these unanswered concerns and questions? Because they don’t
want the truth to get out! Admittedly some articles on the internet are dubious but there are many
that are not. As the research officer, with many years of business and medical knowledge and
experience, I know how Big Pharma operates. They are a business and as with any business, their
sole purpose is to keep stakeholders happy and to do this, there must be an increase in profits.
Simple. Keeping people ill, is big business.

So imagine if you will, a plan so devious yet genius in its preparation and evolution that it is able to
control the world’s population through fear, to succumb to any control measures that are imposed
upon it, whilst shifting wealth by the billions, to corrupt agencies in power.

The NHS is being sold off, whilst the UK is occupied with the shifting goal posts and mandates, used
to confuse and irritate and thus divide, the general populace.
I do trust the science, a convenient mantra used by the government to justify their measures but
science that allows questioning and debate. It is not science if all avenues but one, are silenced and
with chilling effect.

Please take the time to look at this. Proven facts and evidence that shed massive doubts upon the
global narrative. Evidence not fear, is key.

So to start with, we have been led to believe that our fellow human being is a ticking, dangerous
time bomb of a deadly disease, Covid. This is scientifically incorrect.
Does Covid even exist?
Covid has only been identified through symptoms that match many other coronaviruses and a
simulation on a computer program, courtesy of Dr Neil Ferguson, who has a long history of being

Masks. Do they work? Well surgeons use them! Can I just clarify this. As a theatre sister for 7 years I
can categorically say that masks DO NOT work to stop a virus. Surgeons use them as protection from
the patient’s bodily fluids, in particular, blood. Eye protection is also worn. Pathogens are limited
through a sterile environment and air flow within the theatre that pushes pathogens away from the
surgical site. Masks have a protection efficacy of 15 minutes and are no more than a protective
costume of sorts, for theatre! They do not stop a virus.
While the government responses worldwide to COVID-19 have been unprecedented, the mortality
rate from the virus is historically insignificant. According to Johns Hopkins University data, Britain’s
overall death toll as of early June 2021 is just under 128,000. That is around 0.18% of the population
which means that in a group of 10,000 people, only 18 would have died.
Furthermore, this figure is made up of people who have died within 28 days of a positive PCR test
regardless of how they died. This test has recently been recalled by the CDC as not fit for purpose
because they give a high false positive result; they are not meant to be used as a marker for an
infection and the test does not specifically detect Covid but all viral loads.
Many did not die of the virus itself but due to other reasons. Doctors were prompted to sign off the
cause of death on any patient as Covid, despite no autopsy, thus escalating the Covid death rate.
My father died through medical incompetence, IV fluids given to him, whilst on strong diuretics to
remove fluids, due to his chronic heart failure. His lungs filled up, he couldn’t breath. A DNR was
imposed, as it was suspected Covid. It was March 2020 and the plan was unfolding regarding every
death that looked like Covid, was labelled as Covid, without any actual evidence! All his drugs were
stopped, including the diuretics and he drowned. Primary cause of death was stated as Covid,
secondary was chronic heart failure.

So people close to us died and we were told it was Covid. This gave us a personal attachment to it. A
need to stop it, a war against a disease that was killing our loved ones. A very clever strategy. We
clapped for our heroes on the frontline and we felt united in our strength to beat this evil disease.
But as time went on, people were not so stupid. Questions were asked and debunked as conspiracy
theories. The death toll grew exponentially and it made it very difficult to denounce the virus, as so
many had a personal vested interest in it. Far more captivating in a conversation, to have a family
member die of THE VRUS, rather than just old age! We all know how long Coronation Street and
EastEnders have been the opium for the masses. The Covid drama escalated into dizzying heights of
fear and propaganda and we watched with bated breath as the death toll grew. Allegedly! And still
the show goes on.

However, considering the average age of death is around 82 years old, the majority of these would
have been elderly, who sadly would not have had much longer to live, regardless of the cause.
Please remember that the government, at the very beginning, said that this virus is not dangerous to
the vast majority. The evidence has not changed to the contrary.
The lockdown to flatten the curve and those subsequently, have been a disaster. Businesses ruined,
suicide rates up and yet no scientific data to prove their efficacy in reducing cases. They do not

So now we are being brutally bullied into accepting a treatment, termed covid vaccine, above all
others, so that we may be allowed to function in society. Yet this treatment is in experimental phase,
has not been given licence only authorisation under emergency use (there is no emergency) and
care workers, doctors and nurses are leaving their job, rather than take this medication. Doesn’t that
in itself tell you everything you need to know?

Please remember there is nothing to fear from Covid but everything to fear from the Government
and other Agencies that will profit and gain from your compliance and servitude.
To highlight the ridiculousness of covid passports, amongst more damning and heinous
consequences, the discussion below says it all.
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Freedom over fear!

Nicole Maskrey BA(Hons), MSc
Executive Research Officer