Scotland Candidates

Constituency Candidates

Glasgow Southside – Our party leader Carol Ann Dobson

Carol Ann Dobson – is a scientist and clinician, who opposes the governmental restrictions known as ‘lockdowns’. “There is a large volume of evidence showing that lockdown measures do not save lives, but rather damage and destroy them, via the toll they take on finances, relationships, and mental health, as well as missed vital medical care.”

Caithness, Sutherland and Ross – Tina McCaffery

Tina McCaffery – “My names Tina McCaffery and I am standing for the Freedom Alliance Party as a Regional and a constituency candidate for the Highlands and Islands.

I have lived and worked in the Highlands for many years and have two sons who both live and work in the Highlands. I also have three stunning grandchildren.
I am the CEO of a multi-award winning aesthetics and beauty teaching organisation with HQ based in Alness.

I am standing as I strongly believe our freedoms are being eroded and if we do not fight back now future generations will suffer. The Highlands and Islands needs a strong voice and a strong party to stand up for it as we move forward which has been sadly lacking over the past few years. I will campaign to ensure that you, families, businesses and communities are protected and receive what they deserve if elected in.”

Banffshire and Buchan Coast – Jason Duncan

Jason Duncan – “The career politicians in Government, who have massively increased their control over all our lives, are seemingly oblivious to the real-world problems their actions are creating.

Perhaps this is because they don’t have the real-world experience you and I share.

Starting as an apprentice, I developed a career in the construction industry and then progressed into the teaching profession before developing a chain of award-winning centres, training the young and underprivileged the skills they need for an ever-changing world. But I don’t want that world to be one where the Government can deny them the freedom to access a full education, where the Government can take away freedom to trade or earn a living, or one where the Government can force medical treatment without proper informed consent”.

Edinburgh Northern and Leith – Jon Pullman

Jon Pullman is a filmmaker and activist with a background in community campaigning and social justice issues. He has travelled widely in the Middle East and has produced documentaries raising awareness about human rights.

With a particular passion for freedom of speech and political integrity he believes that the current Covid crises raises grave issues about fundamental civil liberties and state overreach, including disproportionate police powers and medical coercion.

In these unprecedented times, he considers it essential that the new Parliament contains representatives who will prioritise these lynchpins of democracy.

Regional Candidates

Central – Dave Frankland, Claire McClaren, John Irvine, Louise Bannigan, Di Meechan, Colin McMillan

Dave Frankland – “I am a teacher of twenty four years and for the last twenty one of those years, I have lived and taught locally in beautiful Scotland.

I love teaching science, being a physics teacher allows both myself and the kids I teach to explore our inner geek with a sense of fun and curiousity.

Since March 2020, I have watched with sadness and growing anger, the government’s disproportionate response to the covid situation. Inappropriate and unnecessary mandates have led our schools and our children’s education to a point of crisis. I have seen our kids being robbed of any informed choice, with impacts on their mental health and well-being on a grand scale. It has turned schools from a place of safety, learning and joy, to one of fear and paranoia.

Please stand with me and the Freedom Alliance to fight and regain our fundamental rights and freedoms and most importantly, fight for our children’s future”.
John Irvine
Louise Bannigan – “My name is Louise Bannigan, a Freedom Alliance candidate for your area. A parent and small business owner from Glasgow. I fully support equality, education, human rights, freedom of speech, access to health and mental facilities for every age group in Scotland. It’s time for us to unite, recover and heal from the events of the last year, We all need to freely function without fear and draconian measures.”
Di Meechan – “I have been involved in running businesses in various sectors for the past 20 years or so.

For over a year now, we’ve stood back and watched our children’s dreams and ambitions crumble.

We are their defenders and we must NOT allow the destruction of their futures.  The future belongs to them and it’s our duty to ensure it’s a future where human rights and freedoms are permitted once again.”

Glasgow – Carol Ann Dobson, Mary Steven, Diane Hodge, David Mills, Roderick Nicoll, Stephen Lonsdale

Diane Hodge – “A Nurse of 25 years. The NHS was set up to provide health care from the cradle to the grave. Due to changes and developments in the NHS, Diane works autonomously and passionately with her patients to maintain the highest standard of patient care and attention. To provide rationale. To ask questions and receive truthful factual answers.”
Roderick Nicoll – “I am a candidate for the Freedom Alliance. The reason that I am standing is because of the Severely negative effects that the Lock Down Is having on our society, family life and economy! We must all get back to functioning as we used to With freedom of movement, association and socially! My background is in Engineering, Freedom Alliance is the key to set us free!”
Stephen Longsdale – “The right to question and be answered honestly. Accountability for everyone. The preservation of the future freedom of our children. To represent those who voted.”

Highlands and Islands – Tina McCaffery, Emma Idzikowska, Phil Breed, Gary Cheesman, Anne McCloskey

Emma Idzikowska – “I come from a working class background, worked my way up in IT and then went in to Architecture and now work as a technology teacher. I am so upset about the way children have been treated in this panemic, children that are statistically at no risk from covid. Children need their freedom, they need to interact socially not socially distance, they need to see emotion and reactions on people’s faces, all this is vital for children to flourish.”
Phil Breed
Anne McCloskey MB. – “Wife, mother, granny. Qualified in medicine in Dublin, and have been working as a GP in my home town of Derry for almost forty years. Throughout my professional career I have been involved in a wide range of community-based initiatives, relating to health, justice and human rights.

In 2018, was elected as a councilor on my local council, but resigned half way through my term of office. This was because in my opinion, the lockdowns are creating much more significant adverse effects on the lives of the people I was elected to serve than any respiratory virus ever could, and I would not participate in any aspect of what I regard as government abuse of the citizens.

I returned to work as a doctor, and saw at first hand the almost complete abandonment of people in need of medical care because of the governments and NHS’ disproportionate response to a disease with a morbidity and mortality outcomes similar to those of a bad flu season.”

Lothian – Jon Pullman, Cara Wase, Patricia McCann

Mid Scotland and Fife – Lisa Brackenridge, Eren Sinclair, Stuart Cairns, Kathleen Elliott

Lisa Brackenridge – “I’m a fully qualified nurse and have worked on clinical trials for the last 10 years so I have a good understanding of how medical research is done. The ethics and laws relating to medical research are of special interest to me, and have become especially relevant to the safety of the public over the last year. I take my duty as a patient advocate (as stipulated by the Nursing & Midwifery Council – the governing body for nurses and midwives) seriously, and have joined the Freedom Alliance Party because my duty to protect and stand up for people in the face of dangerous lockdown measures and the propagation of misleading information has become much more onerous and difficult to undertake. I joined Freedom Alliance so that I could join forces with a group of people who are dedicated to creating a safer and freer way of life for all UK citizens.”
Eren Sinclair – “I came to Scotland 4 years ago and was just enjoying my retirement when along came a pandemic.  After a year of lockdown it is now time to lift all the restrictions and get everyone back to work, businesses open and children back to school.  We also aim to ensure bodily integrity so everyone has the choice to take the injection or not and those choosing not to will not be disadvantaged in any way.”
Stuart Cairns – “Hello all, I’m Stuart Cairns.  I’m 57 and work in marketing technology and live in Perthshire with my wife and our two boys.  Since the end of May 2020, the governments in Westminster and Holyrood knew the risks of infection were very low and that the test they were using (PCR) was invalid and yet they continued to impose unjustified controls on all our lives.  They have suppressed parliament debate and they have outlawed dissent and public debate as well as killing our economies unnecessarily and putting out country in eye-watering debt.  The opposition parties have been so silent as to be considered complicit so I’m forced take this action and stand with Freedom Alliance & Scotland’s opposition to lockdown. We can absolutely get our lives back but our governments will not release us until we force them to.  If you want lockdown finished and protection for the people that need it, you need to vote for us in May.”
Kathleen Elliot – “My name is Kathleen Elliott, I am standing as a candidate for Freedom Alliance to give a voice to everyone who wants to see change in our democracy and protect human rights for us and our children.”

North East Scotland – Kirsty Miller, Jason Duncan, Sadie Cubitt, Diane Mathieson

Kirsty Miller – “Hi, I am Kirsty, a mother, nurse and strong independent woman. I follow my heart and walk my own path. I never once expected my journey to lead me here in politics. This year has taught me the importance of being the voice of people . I want to unite and make changes for humanity and our children’s future.”
Sadie Cubitt – “The Freedom Alliance has given me hope, hope which I had lost for the better part of a year. For months I was watching daily propaganda, and in my mind the future was unravelling before me. What if my child grows up without freedom? What if there is no longer more to life than the ‘four walls’ we are imprisoned by? What if the world really is becoming a police state? The way people are being treated is tyrannical and whether they know it or not yet, this is a fight for our freedom; more importantly, the freedom of our children and our grandchildren. I want to be able to help others to see the truth and become a voice for a better future, not the one other leaders prescribe for me.”
Diane Mathieson – “Over the past year, I have witnessed the destruction of our society through pandemic measures which have caused more detriment to our communities than the actual SARS-COV-2 virus has in itself!  The eager continuation of harmful policies by both the Scottish and UK governments, which prohibits our inalienable right to work, live and express ourselves freely MUST STOP NOW!

For the past four years, my work in the third sector in Aberdeenshire has shown me the problems damaging policies can create, and further, continue to perpetuate across all walks of life. A year into this pandemic, Science has proven that the effect of SARS-COV-2 on society is no worse than that of a normal flu season.

Now is the time for people to stand up together and fight to protect our Civil and Human rights, whilst demanding transparency and accountability from those that have been at the forefront of these damaging policies.”

South Scotland – Mandy Blackman, Amanda McConechy, Gillian Jamieson, Joy Rivett-Gill

Mandy Blackman – “I am a wife and mother of two Sons, and soon to be a grandmother. 
Registered Nurse of 29 years. Born in former Zimbabwe and have both Scottish and Welsh ancestry. Brought up through Apartheid and genocide.  My passion is people, community and well being of society. I’m passionate about people’s freedom, people right to choose and speak freely. “
Amanda McConechy
Gillian Jamieson – “I come to politics after a career in teaching, the arts and psychotherapy motivated by my shock at the disproportionate response to Covid-19 by government, including the effect on mental health of relentless government Covid advertising. Our country is being devastated by lockdowns and restrictions, which are not proven to work. I want there to be more accountability and transparency about the evidence on which policies are based and I want our basic human freedoms along with the right to free speech and to protest to be restored. We need honest and open debate both in government, where questions need to be answered and in the media. All voices must be heard.”
Joy Rivett-Gill – has 40 years experience as a health professional. 20 years as an RGN, working in the NHS and abroad, 17 years as a Registered Chiropractor and the past 3 years as a McTimoney Practitioner. She consults in her own complementary and alternative health clinic since coming to Ayr in 2007. Her business has been affected, despite helping people with acute and chronic pain conditions. Joy says “I was amazed at the lack of cited science at the beginning of 2020 and a complete lack of education from the government about promoting a healthy lifestyle as a way of decreasing the effects of covid 19. I am passionate about preserving body autonomy and the freedom to choose what we put into our bodies. Informed choice is the keystone to all our health choices.”

Joy was interviewed by Anna Brees of Brees Media as a former nurse, in September 2020, and appeared on her youtube channel, before it was censored. Joy has also spoken at Glasgow and Edinburgh rallies. Joy is committed to campaigning for personal freedom, civil liberties and human rights.

West Scotland – Jill McGowan, Maria Smith, Grant Stirling, Mark Turnbu

Jill McGowan

Maria Smith
Grant Stirling