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Welsh Assembly Elections

Constituency Candidates for South Wales East
Elspeth Hill
” I am standing with Freedom Alliance as a trusted, sincere, professional woman, mother and grandmother. I am an individual who always listens, hate lies and unfairness. I put people’s wellbeing and family life first and foremost.
I cannot stand by and watch more lockdown tragedies and lies that have affected the Welsh people in the past year. I stand for freedom, that my own and your grandparents died for and we need to protect that.
I want a future for the next generation in Wales that has personal freedom of choice as it everyone’s right .
I will demand a return to a better “normal” where people of Wales will be in charge and hope everyone can make it happen with our help. Thank you. “

Mathew Ross – Francome
” I was born and raised in Torfaen and have strong connections with the area and want the very best for my constituency. I believe people should continue to shield themselves if they are unwell. Although healthy people should have the freedom to make their own choices including the liberty to work and earn. I see how the lockdowns have negatively affected my area both financially and emotionally. Mental health is a serious concern and mental illness is on the rise due to isolation. I’d like to bring sports back for children, open our businesses, then ensure lockdowns and restrictions preventing us to live freely, never return. I will do my very best to help Torfaen return to a vibrant and prosperous community to be proud of. “
Newport East
Sonya Cary
“I was born and raised in Newport – my Welsh roots were entrenched in family values, loving thy neighbour and knowing the true value of friendships.
Today, I live on the Welsh Boarders and my basic values still remain. I am a humanitarian at heart; seeking to be of service to all others; upholding neutrality; Impartiality and supporting personal independence.”

Newport West
Steve Marsh
“I have lived in Wales all of my life. I’m from a small family and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren to which I’m very proud of. I trained as an engineer in my younger days and successfully started my own family business in 1996.
I made a choice to stand for the Freedom Alliance Wales candidacy as I clearly disagree with the current political parties who have taken away our liberties and choices in life, the ultimate precious gift that each and every living person was born with.”

Constituency Candidates for South Wales Central
Steven Phillips
“I am a former international and semi-professional rugby player, a loyal husband, a devoted father and an honest businessperson.
For over a year now I have sat and watched our freedoms get taken away from us. I found it incredibly annoying and wasn’t sure what I could do about it. As soon as I came into contact with the Freedom Alliance everything changed for the better.
If I win my seat I plan on challenging these measures and bringing common sense back to the table, making decisions based on true statistics and most importantly helping people move forward from this horrific time we have had.
We are not career politicians; we are real people just like you with regular jobs.
Its time for change, its time to get our freedoms back!
Thanks for your support! “
Cardiff South and Penarth
Alan Golding
” Raised in Tonyrefail, Rhondda Cynon Taff, I have since lived in Brighton and Glasgow, moving to Cardiff in 1995. Since my early twenties I’ve been interested in the workings of society and how we treat each other, animals and our planet… and in the process I’ve come to completely mistrust virtually all career politicians. I believe a new way of doing politics is needed in Wales with a new set of values across the whole system. I don’t believe the current political structure and its controllers have the interest of the people at its heart with regard to their mental and physical health, their quality of life and spiritual and economic well-being. “
Cardiff Central
Thomas Franklin
” I’m a small business owner, born and raised in Cardiff. I am just one of many thousands of Welsh business owners who have suffered catastrophic losses at the hands’ of our government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am deeply concerned for the future of the Welsh economy and the livelihood’s of our nation. Therefore I have embraced the opportunity to stand as a Freedom Alliance candidate for Cardiff Central. When I am elected, I will do all I can to restore freedom of choice to the people of Wales and ensure their voices will be heard. As an active member of my community, I have witnessed ongoing restrictions and lockdowns which have caused more damage to Welsh society than the pandemic itself. Lockdowns must end now.
I humbly ask for your vote on May 6th to ensure the people of Wales never have to endure such extreme measures in the future.
Thank you. “
Vale of Glamorgan
Neill Shah
” Hello, my name is Neill Shah. I have a Biology degree, served as a lieutenant in the infantry and taught at secondary schools level. I now run a health food store in Penarth with my wife. I have decided to stand for the freedom alliance for a very simple reason. Because I believe if you cause no harm, injury or loss to others, then you should be left alone by the state, to live as you wish. I hope to restore open and honest debate in our Senedd. I will do my level best to fight back against the creeping police state that has evolved over the last year and bring those who have caused so much harm to justice. Thank you. “

Constituency Candidates for South Wales West
Swansea West
Michelle Valerio
Michelle has strong connections to the local community of Swansea having lived here all her life. She has bought up her family here and Swansea West is her place of residence. She is a solicitor of many years and specialises in working with the elderly and those in care home settings. She is passionate about Swansea and Wales and she believes that this is the most important election of our time.
[email protected]
Regional Candidates for South Wales West
Michelle Valerio
Zoe Fry
Jonathan Tilt

Constituency Candidates for Mid West Wales
Dwyfor Meirionydd
Michelle Murray
“A year ago everything was different, and now I look back and realise that a year can do a lot to a person. I am not a politician, nor did i ever see myself standing as one. But the world in which we now live is unrecognisable to me. I am passionate about my community and have so many friends. I’ve watched them suffer through the past 12 months of government lockdowns and restrictions and so I feel I must make my voice heard AND make it count.
I have lived in our smallholding with my husband and our menagerie (small zoo), and worked on Pen Llyn now for 10 years. My background has been in legal administration and the hospitality and tourism industry focussing on delivering excellent customer service.
I am standing with Freedom Alliance to ensure you have access to a compassionate and fair individual willing to truly listen to the community. I will work hard to make the voice of the people heard. After all we are the people (not politicians) for the people!”
Stephanie Evans
” I’m a devoted mother of 5 children, ages 4 to 22 years old. As a domestic abuse survivor I am running for election to secure my children’s human rights and to restore our freedoms. I run a small business and have felt neglected by the government who have chosen to support large chains during lockdowns.
I’m running as a candidate for Freedom Alliance to secure my children’s futures, to protect our human rights. Something I’m very passionate about is protecting small businesses. I’ve witnessed personally the devastation lockdowns have caused and continue to cause, this needs to stop! People need to be able to see their elderly family, especially those who are considered end of life care.
I am absolutely disgusted by the way this human right was stripped from us.
As adults we are capable of making decisions to protect our health, we should not be dictated too and treated like criminals.
I hope to make positive change in my local area to secure a future where we can protect our children and retain our freedom and liberty in Wales.”
Regional Candidates for Mid West Wales
Michelle Murray
Jason Smith
Darryl Bickler

Regional Candidates for North Wales
Simon Foster
Mark Finch
Peter Jones
Miri Finch