The Freedom Alliance is a campaigning political party for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Our primary aim is to win elections and put our political beliefs at the heart of policy making at all levels of Government.

The founding members of the Freedom Alliance come from a wide range of political backgrounds who share a desire to support and enhance personal freedom and liberty.

We believe that, during 2020, the existing mainstream political parties have shown themselves incapable of defending our fundamental freedoms.

Our political objectives and beliefs

We believe:

  • in freedom of speech and we reject all forms of censorship
  • in scientific, political, spiritual and religious freedom
  • all individuals are born equal and we oppose all forms of discrimination
  • political decision making should be devolved locally
  • individuals and businesses should be free to choose their own systems of monetary exchange
  • small and medium sized businesses should be supported to form the backbone of the economy and their local communities
  • in the principle of medical freedom and informed consent
  • that acceptance or refusal of medical intervention should not result in negative financial or social consequences

In response to the current political situation we believe that government does not have the authority to instruct citizens to:

  • Remain at home isolated from friends and family
  • Stay away from work, social, artistic or sporting activities
  • Wear masks or other forms of clothing
  • Only travel a set distance from home
  • Only leave home for set purposes

Membership is open to all who share our objectives and beliefs. Policy and election of officers is determined by a full membership vote.

The Freedom Alliance has applied for registration as a political party with the Electoral Commission.