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We believe in the principles of bodily integrity, medical freedom, and informed consent. That means your right to choose whether to have a vaccination or not without pressure or the need for vaccine passports.

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Let's work together for a better and fairer society where your civil liberties are protected.

Welcome to the

Freedom Alliance Party

We are a campaigning political party founded to give a political voice to those who oppose the draconian restrictions on liberty known as "lockdown". We believe in medical freedom, personal choice, and inalienable human rights - and that governments should never use a national crisis as an excuse to limit or take these away. It is up to individuals to choose for themselves what measures they take to protect their health, during a pandemic or at any other time. 

We exist because of the state imposed tyranny. We are not politicians and we were set up as a party in response to the events of 2020/21.

Our key principles as a party are

1. We are a political party born out of the freedom movement as a direct response to government overreach into every aspect of our lives.

2. We are the political arm/ wing of the freedom community.

3. We are made up of people from all political backgrounds, moving the dialogue away from the left Vs right debate towards a right Vs wrong - what is right for the people not what is right for the elites and big corporations. We need politicians to start making decisions in the interests of the people. Our membership model supports us to be responsive to our members and speak up about what really matters to them.

4. By standing up and questioning the narrative of the government and main political parties who have been captured and controlled, we provide an opportunity for open debate. There is currently no opposition to the government and we need this in order to restore a liberal democracy.

5. It is time for the people to be powerful in politics. We need to demystify politics and make it accessible to everyone, show people how important it is we take back control of our country.

6. We are radically different to any other political party.
We are run entirely by volunteers, people passionate enough about making a difference to consider doing something unpopular (getting involved in the corrupt and dirty world of politics).

7. We are more than just a party that opposes the governments infringements on our civil liberties. In bringing like minded people together we have started to create a positive vision of how we would like our country to be governed. We need you to join us, to help develop this vision further and take back our country.

8. We are sovereign beings. We care about humanity. We want a future for our children and grandchildren which is full of joy, hope and peace, one in which they can live freely and choose the life they want to live.

By registering a significant number of votes, we  will send a powerful and incontrovertible message to those who seek to keep the UK in a permanent state of illiberal restrictions - that we the people do not accept these outrageous and undemocratic restrictions on our liberty, and we will fight back.

Ordinary People

Finding Our Voice

Freedom Alliance knows that, as someone who opposes the UK Government's atrocious mismanagement of the coronavirus situation, you probably do not believe the answer to our current predicament lies in politics.

And, prior to founding Freedom Alliance, we would have agreed with you. No founding member of Freedom Alliance has any professional background in politics, and the last thing we are, or aspire to be, is career politicians. We are ordinary people, living in extraordinary times - and extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

We believe in protecting and preserving the absolute rights of people to:

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We are a membership organisation with all key decisions taken on a one member one vote basis. We believe that democracy starts at home. Having initially developed out of anti lockdown groups in Scotland and Yorkshire in late 2020 the Party now has over 3000 members spread throughout the U.K. We need more members and if you can’t join us please consider supporting us in other ways.

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Canvassers, campaigners and leaflet distributors are always welcome as volunteers.

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From just £2 per month you can join our party and help our mission to stand candidates in elections.

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