Freedom Alliance developed out of the protest movement in 2020. A small group of activists recognised the need to use the political system to provide real opposition to the state’s Covid narrative. We set up a registered political party and to date have stood 100s of candidates for election across Britain. Initially, we campaigned against lockdowns and the vaccine mandate. Then we connected with other policies and strategies of resistance to global technocracy.

We want to see a society in which individuals, families and communities are freed from state and global corporate control. Excessive debt has been used to trap people, businesses and now nations in a system that works only for the global banks and large corporations. Read our Manifesto here.

We have founded Freedom Alliance to give robust and credible visibility within the political system to those who oppose lockdown, because this is something no other party is doing, and because, in a democracy, it is critical that our voices are represented and heard. Millions of people in this country oppose lockdown and they are not being given a political voice. Freedom Alliance exists to provide that voice.

None of the legacy parties oppose the restrictions or give any meaningful platform to those that do. An entire political party, founded solely and exclusively to oppose lockdown restrictions, and the attendant challenges of forced masking, testing, and vaccination, cannot be so easily disregarded. That is why it is crucial we come together and make our political voice for freedom heard.

We need more members and joining us is the best way to get involved.

Join Us

Even if you do not usually get involved in politics, you could consider making an exception in these extraordinary times by voting for us in elections, and by donating to help support our campaign.

We have no wealthy sponsors and are staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers, so we are completely reliant on the goodwill of the people to support us, and to give us a fighting chance in challenging and ending these tyrannical restrictions for good.

Key Principles

For more detail see our Manifesto

By registering a significant number of votes, we will send a powerful and incontrovertible message to those who seek to keep the UK in a permanent state of illiberal restrictions – that we the people do not accept these outrageous and undemocratic restrictions on our liberty, and we will fight back!

If you are able to support us with a donation (which does not include joining the party), we very much appreciate it.