Freedom Alliance was formed to provide opposition to the government and state overreach that has been facilitated by the coronavirus crisis in 2020. Our primary aim is to provide an option on the ballot paper for those who oppose and object to this government overreach.

We recognise that the problems of 2020 are in reality symptomatic of wider imbalances in society. Essentially, government and state have become too powerful whilst individual liberty and responsibility have been damaged. We aim to address that imbalance and reduce the role of the state in the management of our lives. We recognise that society does work best with structures and that there is a role for government in some areas of national life. We believe that government should be devolved and decentralised to the smallest practicable level and that direct democracy should be utilised to return decision making to the people.

We have developed a number of policies in individual areas. Implementation of these policies would rejuvenate democracy within the four nations of the United Kingdom.

The policies are detailed on the following pages

Education Policy

Economy Policy